What makes a good turntable? 

It might surprise some that this is very much a matter of common sense.  The job of a turntable is to rotate the record at a constant speed, and support the stylus with the least possible amount of friction, while holding it as still as possible.  The vibrations in a record groove are only a few microns wide.  Much less than a human hair. 

It should stand to reason that a flimsy lightweight plastic turntable, with sloppy poor quality arm bearings, and a platter that wobbles, would not be the best choice here.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that the heaviest turntable is the best, but that is often closer to the truth than not.  The arm bearings should be near friction-less, and have no "play" or "slop".  Platters should not be made of steel or plastic.  Glass, such as used by most Rega turntables, is an excellent material for the turntable platter.

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