Bose 201 Series II Direct Reflecting Woodgrain Bookshelf Speakers




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Vendor: Bose




Cleaning out the audio extras, and here is an excellent pair of Bose 201 Series II bookshelf speakers. These are a well cared for used vintage pair that sound as great as they look. The wood finish veneer cabinets are in excellent condition, and show almost no wear. The drivers are great, and the fabric rubberized surround are fine and flexible, and will not rot like many speakers of this era. The fabric and grill frames are in great shape with only one minor small cloth dig visible on one of them.  The tweeters are classic paper cone construction and mounted in Bose's direct reflecting open placement in the cab structure. The drivers are also protected by a 1.5amp fuse circuit inside each cab.  The sound is really great, with great room dispersal with focused mids and bass.  These old school 201s punched well above their weight when compared to other bookshelf rigs that were around at the time.  They are in great shape and ready for a new home. The 201 speakers are still available from Bose but with the newer plastic-y black vinyl style cabs. I think these vintage style cabs look a lot cooler. The Series II speakers were available from 1984-1991.

Each speaker has one 6" (15.2cm) forward-facing woofer,
one 3" (7.6cm) free field tweeter,
nominal impedance 8 ohms
, power rating is 5 watts minimum and 60 watts RMS maximum.
Dimensions of each speaker is:
14 ½ wide, 7 ¾ deep, and 9 high.
Each speaker weighs about 10 pounds.
The speakers are also built with a dual frequency crossover network,
and automatic system protection circuitry